1. A  robust definition of complaints?

    - Work the activities in Chapter 2.

  2. How to deal with four types of complainers?

    - Read Chapter 3 and look at the Activities in Understanding the Types of Complainers.

  3. Why feedback and Complaints are gifts and why they are the least expensive marketing tool?

    - See Activity 23 in Chapter 4, The Treasure of Complaints as Gifts.

  4. How to handle complaints I the most effective proven way, using the three-step Gift Formula?

    - Read Chapter 5 with its Fourteen Activities.

  5. How to be empathic—even when it's hard—recognizing and dealing with the six most critical emotions that show up when handling complaints?

    - Turn to Chapter 6: Building Empathy.

  6. How to ask powerful questions that won't offend customers and still get the most information you need when handling complaints?

    - Study Chapter 7:  Questioning Skills.

  7. How to listen actively and empathically when handling complaints?

    - Check out Chapter 8:  Listening Skills.

  8. How to read body language cues when customers complain?

    - Look at Chapter 9:  Beyond Words.

  9. How to use twenty powerful complaint-handling phrases that work?

    - Be wowed by Chapter 20:  Powerful Phrases That Work.

  10. How to use tools to put useful guidelines into practice to deal with difficult and aggressive customers?

    - You'll find answers in Chapter 11: Difficult Customer Interactions.

  11. How to make stress work for you instead of getting burned out?

    - Go to Chapter 12:  Making Stress Work for you.

  12. How to give and receive feedback to maintain your personal relationships?

    - Turn to Chapter 13:  Giving and Receiving Personal Feedback.

  13. Have you thought about why is’t not a good idea to let complaints remain hidden?

    - Then you’ll like Chapter Six.

  14. Have you ever thought about how the Venn Diagram might apply to getting along with people you strongly disagree with?

    - Check out way back in Chapter Eleven.

  15. Do you give gifts when you complain?

    - Read the final chapter. It may be a gift for you!

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