Do you want to know…

  1. What exactly are complaints?

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  2. How to deal with the 4 types of complainers?

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  3. Why feedback and complaints are gifts and why they are the least expensive marketing tool?

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  4. How to handle complaints in the most effective, proven way, using janelle´s three-step gift formula?

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  5. How to be empathic -even when it’s hard-, recognizing and dealing with the 6 most impactful emotions in complaints?

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  6. How to ask powerful questions to get the most information?

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  7. How to listen actively and empathically, going beyond words?

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  8. How to read the clients body language cues accurately when they complain?

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  9. How to use 20 powerful complaint-handling phrases that work, based on neuroscience?

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  10. How to put into practice useful guidelines to deal with difficult and aggressive customers?

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  11. How to use tools to make stress work for you and your team, instead of getting burned out?

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  12. How to give and receive feedback in an effective, proven way

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