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Janelle Barlow, well-known around the world as an in-person award-winning speaker, trainer, and consultant, author, and Subject Matter Expert based on her best-selling books, is changing her business. She is limiting her travel by airplane, instead sharing her expertise through webinars, online presentations, coaching and consulting sessions, weekly blogs, and this Complaint Is a Gift web page.


All Janelle’s work is primarily delivered as virtual
programs, books, workbooks, webinars, online coaching,
virtual presentations or offered in a hybrid way that
works best for your organization.

Change is happening!

A personal note from Janelle about facing the reality of what happened to us in 2020—2022.

“This pandemic has forced massive change, and many have used this opportunity to reinvent their lives—learning new things. Perhaps mastering complaint handling!

I am doing the same thing.

I’m back on my computer, writing, blogging, writing books, developing online interactive learning programs webinars—and delivering online programs, I’m no longer traveling more than half my time around the world to sign books in person. Rather, I am using this gift of time to take my successful live programs and convert them to online programs and webinars.
It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time!”

Janelle invites you to share her changes.


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Consult with Janelle to create a complaint-friendly and customer-centric organization.

As a leader, once you have made a decision to listen more closely to your customers, you still have to determine how to integrate this information into the inner workings of your organization. Many organizations gather data and specific pieces of information and knowledge that is never shared beyond a small team or department. On most occasions, it never moves past the customer-facing staff who heard the initial complaint.
Part of integrating customer feedback into your organization requires a system for sharing knowledge across the entire company. If this last step is not carefully taken, it is possible that no real change will take place. Yet the opportunity for improved quality, more realistic marketing, and cross - departmental integration is real when the voice of the customer is brought inside the organization and given a platform so everyone can hear it. It’s part of a customer-centric process!

“Marketing… is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is, from the customer’s point of view. Concern and responsibility for marketing must, therefore, permeate all areas of the enterprise.” —Peter Drucker, People and Performance.



  1. DESIGN. By paying attention to your customer service process when things go wrong, you can focus on your customers, and your business will automatically become more customer centric. A complete approach to service recovery will enable you to listen more intensely to your customers who tell you about flaws in your business that you otherwise may overlook. This will enable you to retain more of your customers, thereby protecting the investment in time and resources you made to get those customers.

  2. MEASURE. To effectively determine how well your service recovery process is working, you need robust measurements in place. Many organizations collect a variety of measurements, summarize them in reports, pass on to the CEO or Board of Directors, and then never looked at again. Robust metrics must be usable and compelling so that something is changed to improve.

  3. ALIGN. Policies dealing with returns, refunds, and guarantees must be aligned with organizational goals for its customers when they face problems or disappointments. It’s easy to say that you will stand behind your customers, but when they stand in front of you with a complaint, the customer may discover there are restrictions on this promise.

  4. RESPOND & RECOVER. All staff, and particularly customer-facing staff, must be educated in the psychology of complaint handling. They need to be empowered to take fair and reasonable positions on behalf of their customers. And they need to be supported so they are willing to take responsibility for caring for customers when they face problems, are disappointed, or don’t get what they want.

  5. INTEGRATE. If sharing knowledge from customers across the entire company is not carefully tended, it is possible that no real change will take place. When the voice of the customer is brought inside the organization and given a platform so everyone can hear it, real change is possible and more customers can be retained.


Janelle Las Vegas Television 1 interview Complaint Is a Gift


Janelle’s sample introduction to a hair styling client.
Janelle regularly makes a video intro to clients
when they book her for presentations.

Janelle’s Service Program was designed for both Viking Rivers and Viking Oceans. Janelle & her team delivered hundreds of highy successful branded service and leadership programs for thousands of people to both Viking Rivers and Viking Oceans.

Janelle’s A Complaint Is a Gift programs offered around the world,

both virtually and live

American Beauty Association
AT&T Wireless Call Centers
ARAMARK Business Services
Avon Cosmetics
Banco de Credito, Peru
Blockbuster Video
Blue Chip Casino
Butterfield Bank, Bermuda
Croatia Pubic Conference
El Paso Energy
Ellison Technologies
California Department of Insurance
Emergency Room Nursing Assn
Compass Learning

Desert Diamond Casinos
Mandarin Oriental Hotels
Farm Bureau Insurance
Gene Juarez Hair Saloons
Global Gaming Association
Human Resource Conference,
Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Leer Company
Macrovision, Hong Kong
Mars Candy
Maximus, Inc.
Moscow Speakers Bureau
National Assn of Convenience Stores
Nestle Foods
Network Equipment Technologies
Northwest Food Service
Our Lucaya, Bahamas
Pacific Gas and Electric
Regan Outdoor Advertising
Sreza, St. Petersburg
Sun Communities
The Money Store
Towsen University
Ukraine Public Conference
USAA Insurance
US House of Representatives
Zebra Technology


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